Ready For The Office

Working as a young adult can be extremely hectic. Finding what to wear each day, especially, is a challenge. With just a little mixing and matching, you can find cute, classy outfits to make you feel good and confident at work. Eka

Be Fierce; Be Bold

  What I really like about this outfit is the boldness of it. It’s the kind of outfit that will definitely turn heads. It’s edgy, sexy and fierce. What’s the first thing you think about when you see this outfit? Eka Outfit: Siren Heels: Kozema

No Place Like Home

  Yes, I know I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses recently but that’s because I’ve been going to a lot of places that require a dress lol. Primarily because I’ve been back in my home town for a bit and several functions have come up. This dress reminds me…

Party in the Back

  What I love most about this outfit is the fact that it’s unassuming. The front of the dress is very casual, very ‘normal’; you have your round necked style with sleeves. However, the back is more of a surprise and I absolutely love it. I also appreciate the colour….

Featuring 44 Miles Jewellery

    Our little island of Jamaica, I believe, should replace one of the Seven Wonders of the World. During these times especially, (Olympics) we witness the raw talent, undying spirit and uniqueness of our people. Although a country whose presence on the map is merely a dot, or nothing…

Trip to Frenchman’s Cove!

     Throughout my life, I’ve often heard people say that Portland was one of, if not the most beautiful parish in Jamaica. This assertion was made from observing the natural landscape of Portland as compared to the rest of the island. I had visited the parish as a child…

Floral Prints

It’s easy to understand why floral prints and dresses go so well together. When we think of flowers, we think of femininity, softness, fertility and natural beauty. Thus, the influx of floral print dresses on the market, especially during spring and summertime, is unsurprising. I don’t normally find myself running…

Ripped Jeans Look

As much as I love dresses, I must admit that at least 80% of my days are spent in jeans. In the daytime, I like the security of jeans. If I expect to be moving around a lot and don’t want to be constantly checking myself in the mirror, I’ll…

Journey to Blue Mountain Peak!

  Blue Mountain Peak! The descent I am not necessarily a fearful person. I am usually willing to try anything, as long as I recognize that I can achieve something from it- whether that may be a small feeling of joy, achieving a personal goal, learning more about myself etc….

Dressing Up Your Little Black Dress!

“In tha’ name of lovvve..”   Oh yes, the little black dress. I know that you must hear, time and time again that no one can go wrong with that little black dress. Now, while that may be true in most cases, I find that most times I’m unsure of…